Sheryl-Lee Kaye

Sheryl-Lee Kaye

Couples Counsellor/ Relationship Mediator/ Clinical Hypnotherapist

Sheryl-Lee has been a Social Worker since 2003. During this time, she has had various roles including Family Mediator for one of the first Family Relationship Centres in Victoria (2006). She was the first Telephone Dispute Resolution Practitioner for NSW Relationships Australia (2008).This is when her passion for couple counselling began. She concentrates on using her warmth, compassion and ability to remain impartial to focus on helping couples reconcile rather than separate. She is currently an individual/couple counsellor and corporate mediator for an Employee Assistance Program. Sheryl-Lee is also a Clinical Hypnotherapist. She strategically uses her understanding of personalities, the power of beliefs, and key principles of mediation to ensure couple sessions produce long term results.

She aims to provide couple sessions that make both parties feel comfortable whilst maintaining a direct, honest and warm approach. She will help you and your partner identify issues in the relationship and will assist in achieving the vision you both hold for the relationship.

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