Are you in an unfulfilling relationship and uncertain about what lies ahead?Are you worried about going to Court, dealing with Lawyers and Child Custody?Would you love to start a new chapter of your life filled with happiness, joy and clarity?Just the thought of the dreaded ‘D’ word leaves many women feeling feel trapped, isolated, and confused.Through ‘Dignified Divorce’ you will come to understand that those painful feelings can be resolved with ease. You will be empowered with the skills to take complete control of your own separation.

'Self Ashored: Navigating Your Way On Life's Voyage' by Lenore Pearson

Become ‘Self Ashored‘ as Lenore Pearson takes you on a voyage of self-discovery. Understand the ebb and flow of life from the times you are shipwrecked and drowning to when you are surging forward with a favourable wind in your sails. Learn how to get back up and ‘get your ship together’. Develop the resilience to fight life’s battles. Uncover your buried treasure and the legacy you will leave behind from a life well lived.

Self Ashored is a guidebook for life written with heart and power in equal amounts. By enacting the changes suggested within, you will be empowered to take charge of your life and celebrate all that makes you uniquely valuable.

You will be able to release negativity and overcome your fear. 

Self Ashored will help you identify your values and live authentically. Experience what it means to truly shine.