DRCA CLE/CPD - Alternative Dispute Resolution: The Way of the Future

Dispute Resolution Centre Australia (DRCA) is Australia’s first and only Dispute Resolution Centre that offers all your needs in one single location.

Dispute Resolution Centre Australia was created in order to provide a number of pathways in order to resolve conflict that might arise in any aspect of your life. This includes amongst other things: family, work-place, health, business, elderly and building issues.

We are pleased to announce our premiere CLE/CPD event titled for purchase:

‘Alternative Dispute Resolution: The Way of the Future’.

A number of our DRCA members will be speaking at the event including:

Meredith Ziegler (Barrister at Law and Mediator)

Litigation vs Mediation (A Lawyer’s Role in Mediation)

Stephen Scarlett (Former Judge of the Federal Circuit Court of Australia, Barrister at Law, Mediator and Arbitrator)

Don’t Litigate… Arbitrate.

Louis Katsinas (Barrister at Law and Mediator)

ADR: From inception to implementation.

Cassandra Kalpaxis (Collaborative Family Lawyer, Mediator and Arbitrator)

Collaborative Practice and Mediation: The Perfect Partnership

Lydia Shelly (Family Lawyer and Mediator)

Resolving Cultural Issues through Mediation

And special guest speakers including…

Courtney Barton (Family Lawyer and Mediator)

Why Choose Mediation

Fiona Kirkman (Family Lawyer, Mediator and Founder of FamilyProperty)

Technology and Mediation

Purchase of the CLE also entitles you to a free copy of Stephen Scarlett’s exclusive paper on Arbitration.