Our #PeacemakersAwards recap - nominate now!

The Peacemakers Awards is our first Alternative Dispute Resolution Awards recognising, celebrating and showcasing the incredible contributions of multidisciplinary professionals in Australian Alternative Dispute Resolution and Collaborative Practice. Here’s our recap.

On 8 October 2021, the team at Dispute Resolution Centre Australia alongside our numerous finalists and special guests attended upon our very first Peacemakers Awards. Not just for Lawyers, the unique Awards honoured Australian Mediators, Arbitrators, Psychologists, Life Coaches, Innovators and Life, Financial, Business, Property, Health and Wellness Experts who all play a meaningful role in supporting the practice of Alternate Dispute Resolution.

What is the purpose of the Peacemakers Awards?

The Peacemakers Awards was created by Dispute Resolution Centre Australia to recognise the collaborative efforts of those in all industries who are not afraid of standing out from the crowd. We understand that a client’s needs are best met and exceeded from utilising a collaborative approach. The purpose of the Peacemakers Awards is to celebrate those who similarly place this value at the core of their professional practice.

The Peacemakers Awards are intended for collaborative professionals, innovators and trailblazers in all industries including Legal, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Health, Wellness, Business, Accounting Finance and Property.

We made these awards open to a vast array of industries as we understand that standing out against the crowd is something that is best met with the support of colleagues and other allied professionals who are also committed to doing the same.

How did the night go?

The night was absolutely incredible. We must admit, being stuck in a COVID-19 lockdown longer than anticipated had meant that we did not have the black tie gala event that we had prospected to have. However, it was possibly the most entertaining Friday night during a pandemic that we’ve ever experienced. 

The ceremony was presented by way of Microsoft Teams. The theme was “Time To Shine” and we encouraged all our attendees to dress in their most lavish evening gown or suit as if we were attending a black tie event at a prestigious venue as we had initially prospected. It was great to see everyone dress up knowing that for the past few weeks lots of us had been switching from pyjamas to “work pyjamas” during the day whilst working at home. Above all, the ceremony itself was holistic. 

This was emblematic of the purpose of the awards and it was great to have professionals present from all different areas of expertise, niches and backgrounds. We catered to the holistic vision of the awards by also including a wide variety of special guests and artistic performances including Sno Secret and Taimania Foa’i. 

I even volunteered to perform a classical piano piece by my favourite composer, Chopin (on top of being the Master of Ceremonies for the night).

We also provided some unique catering delivered all across different parts of Australia for our guests attending remotely. See one of our platters on the right that looks simply delicious! 

We created a unique design or the Peacemakers Awards trophy which resembles the harmonious nature of our, and our Finalists’, work.

Who were your special guests?

There were many special guests of the night including Former Justice of the High Court of Australia, the Honourable Michael Kirby AC CMG who provided an inspiring message for all our Peacemakers at the commencement of the ceremony. 

I remember joining the Zoom meeting to pre-record the speech by Former Justice Kirby whilst working at home thinking to myself, wow this is incredible!

Additionally, we had Uncle Bruce Gale, Deputy Chair of Parramatta City Council and Secretary of the Aboriginal Housing Company, provide a Welcome to Country and highlight the injustices towards Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders that are incarcerated. 

This was a poignant moment in the ceremony as it reminded all of the attendees about our purpose in inciting positive change for all individuals out there no matter what kind of dispute or challenges that they are going through. 

Further guests included Shelby Timmins of Divorce Done Differently, well-renowned Thought Leader, Speaker and Motivator, Midja Fischer and Cullen Haynes of Legal Home Loans.

Will you be having another ceremony?

Of course! We are looking forward to having Peacemakers Awards 2022 occur. COVID-19 pending, we are hoping to have it at the lavish venue that we initially prospected. 

If you are interested in entering these awards, make sure you join the #PeacemakersMovement and nominate someone that you think fits the role of “Peacemaker” today!

To learn more visit our website peacemakersawards.com.au

Written by Stefano Cammarano

Business Concierge

Want to learn more about Stefano and meet the rest of the DRCA Team? Click here.

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