Kathy's top time-saving tips for staying on track with your meals.

Kathy is an Accredited Collaborative Dietitian and Health Practitioner here at DRCA. Going through a dispute means, at times, needing to manage a whole load of conflicting priorities. It’s important that you take the time to take care of yourself, and Kathy provides how you can do so whilst saving yourself a significant amount of time.

1. Learn what constitutes a healthy lunchbox (if you need help, reach out!).

Requirements are individualised depending on your gender, age, and goals. Think of the healthy plate model: 1/2 your lunch box to be vegetables, 1/4 protein and 1/4 wholegrains. On the side we want to see water and a fruit.

2. Plan your weekly meals.

Use a weekly whiteboard or template and map it out. Use memorable phrases like Fish Friday (Salmon for Omega 3s), Turkey Tuesday, Mid-Week Pasta or Paella, Meatless Monday, Roast Sundays. Whatever makes your meal planning easier.  

3. Create your shopping list from the weekly meal plan  

Knowing what you’re going to eat during the week makes grocery shopping much easier. By having a plan of what you’re going to be cooking, creating and eating means that you end up saving much more time at the groceries as you will already be well-aware of the week ahead.

4. Meal prep time!

Boiled chicken breast creates a beautiful broth to which you can add carrot, potato, peas, angel hair and a bit of that chicken breast shredded. Now you have lunch and a tupperware full of shredded chicken for salads, wraps, sandwiches.

Eggs can be preboiled, leave them in their shells in the fridge up to about 10days. Blitz together a tuna and red kidney bean paste.


What do you like to meal prep?  

Written by Kathy Ozakovic

Collaborative Dietitian and Health Practitioner

Kathy is an Accredited Collaborative Dietitian and Health Practitioner here at DRCA. Click here to learn more about Kathy.