Kathy Ozakovic

Kathy Ozakovic

Nutrition & Wellness Specialist, Dietitian, Holistic Gut Health Expert, Health Coach, Health Presenter, Advocate for Lifestyle Medicine

Kathy is a breath of fresh air in the Nutrition and Dietetics industry.

After working on the hospital wards with patients in acute care, Kathy decided to focus on disease prevention. Recognising the gap between knowledge and action, she completed a Health Coaching course accrediting her with Health Coaches Australia New Zealand. With her nutrition knowledge and advanced communication skills she is able to aid individuals manage the nutrition related physical symptoms that one may experience through a dispute.

Kathy specialises in holistic gut health, helping clients understand how to achieve and maintain wellness through nutrition for gut health. She has completed additional research and courses to better understand the human gut microbiome. These including the microba insights practitioner course, certificate in holistic digestive health and is currently undertaking the Monash University FODMAPs course.

Kathy believes everyone should have access to the science and knowledge about the fundamentals to nutrition for good health and offers free wellness workshops. In these workshops, Kathy unpacks why diets and detoxes don’t work and what you should be doing instead.

Kathy is an advocate for Lifestyle Medicine which highlights the importance of lifestyle choices in managing and coping with life’s challenges, such as dispute resolution. Kathy believes in using lifestyle as medicine in conjunction with medications when necessary. Our nutrition choices impact mood, motivation, digestion, energy levels, productivity, concentration, sleep quality, immune system, stress response. Nutrition is an aspect of wellness individuals can control and change to achieve improved health outcomes.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to nutrition plans as we all live different lives, with different priorities. To improve nutrition habits we first need to gain knowledge, then apply it to life to put into action. How the knowledge is applied and actioned is determined by the client. Kathy uses her health coaching skills to support clients in translating nutrition knowledge into improved habits.

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