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We understand that going through your dispute alone and without legal representation can be challenging. Please know that you are not alone and we are readily available to assist you in taking the first step with a free DRCA Discovery Call with our Business Concierge. If you’d like to have this arranged, simply click “Contact” below.

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I am going through a Family Law Dispute. Can you help us without the assistance of Legal professionals?

If you are going through a Family Law Dispute, given the Family Court merger, it has now become mandatory for parties to all matters, encompassing either parenting or property matters (or both), to make genuine attempts to resolve their dispute outside of Court.We are humbled to provide a multitude of dispute resolution pathways at DRCA, including Mediation, Family Dispute Resolution and Arbitration to comply with these new directions and resolve your matter in a manner that is cost-effective and time-efficient.Let us alleviate the pressure.

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Commercial Dispute 

Wills and Estates


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Community Issues 

Elder Issues

Surrogacy and Reproductive Issues 

At Dispute Resolution Centre Australia, we are proud to house all your needs in one single location, regardless of the dispute. We understand that your dispute is completely unique and is affected by a number of individual circumstances and experiences.

Regardless of what your dispute entails and whether you are legally assisted or not, our team is passionate about implementing the foundations to have you ready to settle your dispute and move forward with the next chapter of your life.  

We understand that there may be a number of peripheral circumstances that affect your ability to do this. We are humbled to provide you with ongoing and consistent support to assist you in taking the next (or first) step in your dispute resolution journey.  Through our Collaborative Collective, which includes Counsellors, Real Estate Agents, Accountants and Life Coaches, our team is readily available to speak with you, hear your concerns and help you move on with your life.

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We understand that taking the next step in your dispute resolution journey can be difficult. We understand that you may wish to engage a Mediator or Arbitrator that has specific, and niche, expertise in your area of dispute.

We acknowledge that the hectic nature of your day-to-day life may be hindering your ability to book in a relevant professional.

Let’s make it simple for you.

All you need to do is reach out to us via our Contact page or make a booking enquiry and let us know about what your dispute entails, and we will allocate the most suitable professional to assist you.

With a Business Concierge at hand, offering you a free 15 minute initial conference, we are able to liaise with you to let you know how we can streamline the process and give you the confidence to make active steps towards the resolution of your dispute.

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Mediation and Family Dispute Resolution


Parenting Coordination

Allied Dispute Resolution

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