Our #PeacemakersAwards recap – nominate now!

The Peacemakers Awards is our first Alternative Dispute Resolution Awards recognising, celebrating and showcasing the incredible contributions of multidisciplinary professionals in Australian Alternative Dispute Resolution and Collaborative Practice.⁠ Here’s our recap.

We spoke to the Canadian Government about Family Dispute Resolution – here’s a summary!

Last week I spoke to the Canadian Government about all things Family Dispute Resolution, Family Law, the merger of the Family Courts and section 60i certificates.

Logging on bright and early at 9am in Sydney whilst the team at Saskatchewan, Canada (a province in the middle of Canada) were finishing up their work day at 5pm, I was exploding with excitement for what we were about to discuss.

Salmon Scrambled Eggs Recipe

Are you constantly running out of ideas for a healthy breakfast? Do you find yourself cooking elaborate meals whilst juggling other tasks thinking to yourself, “why am I even bothering to eat breakfast?”

Not over it, but through it – a piece on grief.

It is the type of club that no one wants to be a member of. It is the one club that no one wants to talk about. It is the type of club you need to have a secret password for, so you can find other people to talk to about it in private. It is the club that everyone avoids at all costs and yet it is the inevitable club we all become part of sooner or later. It is associated with every irreversible and unwanted change. It is even involved in some wanted change. Its name is grief.