The Peacemakers Awards is our first Alternative Dispute Resolution Awards recognising, celebrating and showcasing the incredible contributions of multidisciplinary professionals in Australian Alternative Dispute Resolution and Collaborative Practice.⁠ Here's our recap.

Our DRCA Real Estate Expert, George Kapos of McGrath Bankstown has recently been featured in an article published by Domain about the booming areas of Sydney that are now million dollar suburbs.

Did you know, there is a direct and very real link that leads from the gut to the brain called the vagus nerve?This means, when emotions and stress levels are heightened, chemicals and neurotransmitters will be sent to our gut.

Last week I spoke to the Canadian Government about all things Family Dispute Resolution, Family Law, the merger of the Family Courts and section 60i certificates.Logging on bright and early at 9am in Sydney whilst the team at Saskatchewan, Canada (a province in the middle of Canada) were finishing up their work day at 5pm, I was exploding with excitement for what we were about to discuss.

A new service launched last year that is such a valuable tool for high conflict co-parents to make decisions, but it's also one so many families don't yet know about, writes family lawyer Cassandra Kalpaxis for Kidspot Australia.

With the merger of the Family Courts into the unified Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (the Court), there has been an influx of queries about what actually is the difference between a section 60i certificate versus a Certificate of Dispute Resolution. To respond to this, the Court has reached out to Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and Mediation providers all across the country to inform as to what the new procedures entail, in detail.