Lenore Pearson

Lenore Pearson

Collaborative Holistic Counsellor and Meditative therapist

Lenore is an award-winning author and coach. She has been awarded the International BIBA Award (Best Self-Help Category 2020) for her book ‘Self Ashored’ and Wellness Peacemaker of the Year 2021 for her holistic counselling and transformative coaching work in the field of Dispute Resolution.

Her background in teaching, holistic wellness and meditation allows her to create space for people to get comfortable with being uncomfortable; to dig deep, be vulnerable, get real, fear less and live life authentically.

Lenore has grown to understand that knowledge of, and appreciation for the power of the human body, positive perceptions and living authentically, is nothing short of transformational. With training in transformative coaching and holistic grief and loss counselling, Lenore blends her skills to help bridge the gap between fear and courage, to support people who are ready to level up and expand beyond self-limiting beliefs, labels and the experiences that keep them anchored.

Lenore understands that going through a dispute can be a stressful and unpredictable time. Her journey through wellness and unique approach to stress management allows you to have a healthier and proactive approach to life. Lenore specialises in helping those who want to manage the anxiety and grief and loss that can manifest during a dispute.

No matter what your situation entails, Lenore is here to help you transition through this period.

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