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If you are a legal practitioner, read more to learn about how we can help alleviate the pressure and streamline your client's dispute resolution journey.

Australia's Only Dispute Resolution Centre that offers all your needs under one roof, regardless of dispute.

Introducing Dispute Resolution Centre Australia (DRCA) – the first dispute resolution service in Australia to provide Mediators, Arbitrators, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners and allied dispute resolution professionals, all under the one roof.

We service every Australian capital city and operate virtually in regional Australia and internationally.

Our team at Dispute Resolution Centre Australia is comprised of professionals who are leaders in their chosen field and share the same vision of solving disputes amicably, efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.

Here at the Dispute Resolution Centre Australia, we have created an exclusive network of professionals who have the knowledge, experience and passion in ensuring that each step of your dispute is managed in accordance with your unique set of circumstances.

We are a team of committed dispute resolution professionals who are organised, empathetic, collaborative and able to provide flexible services both in person and virtually.

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Sometimes things aren’t as clear cut as you may think.

The greatest benefit that you have when you come to Dispute Resolution Centre Australia is that, with our uniquely crafted support network consisting of different experts in the legal, social, financial and psychological realms we are able to see your problem from a number of perspectives and collaborate to provide a holistic resolution to your dispute. 

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Alternative Dispute Resolution Experts

From Family Law Arbitrators to Child Support Mediators and Child Inclusive Dispute Resolution Experts, we are here to help. With expert knowledge coupled with many years of niche experience, our team of dedicated alternative dispute resolution experts strive to ensure that you get the best result.

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Imagine a room filled with professionals and experts all sharing their knowledge, for free, about your queries and concerns. The Resource Room was specifically designed by us to make sure that your needs are responded to by people who have experienced issues just like the ones you are facing today.

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You might think that the only legal way to resolve your dispute is in Court. We are passionate about showing you that that’s not the case. Download our free Mediation Manual to learn more about the benefits of Mediation.

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We understand that, with a wide range of dispute resolution pathways before you, that you might be scared to take the next step. 

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